Ironman champ: Train your brain, then your body –

Ironman champ: Train your brain, then your body –

I love training motifs. This article caught my attention and I see strong parallels with Hebrews 12. I’ve summarized the article and compared Chrissie Wellington’s insights with Scripture.

Visualization: The race set before you (v.1). Imagine each step of the way.

Mental Images: Look to Jesus (v.2), the throne of God (v.2), consider him who endured (v.3). Get the summit/the goal in your mind’s eye.

Manageable Segments: Lay aside every weight (v.1). Pick ’em off one at a time.

Learning to Hurt: Run with endurance (v.1), resist to the point of shedding blood (v.4). The Christian race is all about perseverance.

Support and Inspirational People: Surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses (v.1). Be inspired by the examples of those who have gone before.

Big Cause: The joy set before you (v.2). You can endure anything when you embrace the mission of the Gospel.


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