Chat Show (Vol.2, Iss.5): iCarly, pets, God’s love

Here’s a joke to make you cry, an announcement about something great coming up, some brief thoughts on iCarly and questions about pets, boys versus girls and God’s love. That makes for a great chat show this week! I’d love your feedback. What do YOU think about this week’s Chat Show? Comments welcome at the bottom.

Just an extra note on iCarly: Making your own decision on whether you watch this show or not is really important. Think it through! Talk with your parents, obey with a great attitude if they say not to watch it. Also, you need to think through every thing you do by the help of Jesus. That means learning from the Bible and others who love Him and know the Bible well.

More power to the boys!

Jesus stretched out His hands on the cross and said, “I love you THIS much!”


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