The Period of PURPLE Crying

While in the hospital with Daph and Selah, the staff gave us a video called The Period of PURPLE Crying.

The bottom line is babies sometimes cry a lot. That’s not a huge revelation to me, but apparently a lot of parents are surprised by this or if not surprised they just want the baby to be more content sooner. This excessive crying can bring a lot of frustration to parents. I did find some helpful thoughts.

PURPLE stands for Peak of Crying (or crying increases then decreases), Unexpected (or crying for unknown reasons), Resists Soothing, Pain-Like Face (even though they may not be in pain just communicating), Long-Lasting, Evening (or crying more in late afternoon and evening).

Sometimes being aware of normal patterns can ease the stress that would otherwise overwhelm.

Henry Cloud and John Townsend write in their book,”Raising Great Kids,” “When in doubt, connect.” This principle applies throughout the parenting years. Specifically, in situations where your baby is crying excessively, you can’t go wrong when you just get and stay close to your baby. Comfort, sooth, sing, tickle, rock, sway, dance, laugh and smile. This period will soon end. Your baby needs you to help them through. This is a trust-building period. Will you be there for your baby?

Often, the frustration builds especially when the baby is taking something from you whether it is your personal time, or peace and quiet, or sleep, etc. I suggest you keep connecting with your baby, stay connected with God, stay connected with your spouse, stay connected with extended family and friends and stay connected with your church for support. You will get through this even though it’s not easy!

A severe warning for those parents who are at risk of “losing it” is DO NOT SHAKE YOUR BABY. Shaken baby syndrome can lead to severe damage to your baby and even death.

Be the parent your baby needs. When in doubt, connect.


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