Our Baby Name Standings!

Daph and I have been getting some votes on potential baby names from friends. From the votes so far, here are the leaders and those lower on the list:


  • Hannah (15 yes, 6 no)
  • Emilia (12 yes, 9 no)
  • Addison (10 yes, 9 no)
  • Alana (13 yes, 8 no)
  • Sophie (11 yes, 8 no)

Low Votes:

  • Kelly (2 yes, 17 no)
  • Danica (5 yes, 14 no)
  • Charisse (3 yes, 16 no)
  • Shauna (4 yes, 15 no)
  • Amber (3 yes, 16 no)
  • Amberly (5 yes, 15 no)
  • Rochelle (5 yes, 15 no)

There are a lot of overwhelming no votes and really only one name with overwhelming yes votes. We’d love more votes! Get your kids to vote too! If you have a name suggestion let us know. Vote here: http://babynames.com/namelist/9265748


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