When Marriage Gets Tough

Marriage is never easy. I was just reading about good old Jacob. You know the deceiver in the book of Genesis? The trickster got tricked into marrying the “ugly” woman first, then got the pretty one. He always showed favourtism toward Rachel. Conflicts of preference, conflicts of wealth, conflicts with in-laws, conflicts with kids. That story is packed with conflicts! Adam and Eve married into a perfect relationship. Sin made and still makes marriage difficult.

What will you do with your conflicts? Will you passively let them build and build to the point of desperation? Or will you make war against the sin in your marriage? Will you take an honest look at your conflicts and the roots of those conflicts?

Yesterday, my wife and I got into an easily resolvable conflict. She was engaged with our fantastic kids in a game of Boggle Jr. A conflict between the two children arose while I was disengaged, mindlessly browsing the web. You know what I should’ve done. (Sorry Butterfly.)

For the sake of your family, and for the glory of Jesus, don’t be cowards and hide from your sin. Be open, honest and humble. Engage your sin in battle with the Sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17, Matthew 4:1-11). Then watch, as your marriage soars towards greater and greater joy!

For further tips, click on the following links from iMom (helpful for dads too):

04-27-10 EM - 3 Secrets About the Male Brain

A Marriage Expert Says, “Help!”

iSpecialist Greg Smalley thought marriage would be a breeze.  But two years into his own marriage, he felt like he and his wife were just one argument away from serious trouble.  The problem?   They were pushing each other’s buttons to the point where even minor disagreements became huge fights.

In this week’s Learn A Latte, Dr. Smalley shares how they stopped that cycle.  He also has these 6 tips for marital conflict without casualties.


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