Foundation Verses | Fighter Verses

        Kids need a strong foundation from which they can build their lives. A weak and shifty foundation will cause them to lose faith and lead a life filled with harmful decisions. A strong foundation can give them a great starting point for a life filled with peace and joy-filled decisions. As... Continue Reading →

“God, I’m So Angry Right Now! (Uhh, is that Okay?)”

I'm not really a poet, but I am very interested in presenting truth in memorable ways. I've appreciated revisiting biblical poetry in the Bible interpretation class I'm currently taking. This skill is helpful when studying the psalms as well as wisdom literature. Understanding the full art of Hebrew poetry is difficult for English translations, but... Continue Reading →

Kids Matter!

This post is a brief review of the book by George Barna called, "Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions." I am glad that there is this book called, "Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions," that is going around the world with it's perspective that children's ministry matters. Of course, being in children's ministry I'm already convinced of... Continue Reading →

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