Teaching Family Rhythm in Nicaragua

Families everywhere matter to God. Children everywhere do not have a choice where they are born or what family they are born into. Yet God not only loves each one a lot, but also has his hand on them for something special (1 Thessalonians 1:4, MSG). Jesus came to bring us back into right relationship... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Christian Parenting Handbook!

I've been privileged to get a preview of this brand new book by Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, known for great parenting books based on Biblical and heart-based approaches. Their website is http://www.biblicalparenting.org. You can pre-order the new book anywhere, but here is a link to it at the Canadian Amazon site. Below is my review.... Continue Reading →

Behaviour Modification or Biblical Correction?

I've been thinking about my use of consequences as I parent and lead children. Consequences are a powerful motivator for making right choices and avoiding the wrong. So they are needed for guiding children. However, there is a word of caution for relying solely on consequences. Relying on them is merely behaviour modification. This is... Continue Reading →

Spanking and Proverbs – Part 2: Interpretations (via Dare to Disciple)

While this is an issue that I continue to debate in my own mind, I believe this entry has significant merit and is worth some study. I respect Dobson and Tripp and their insights on spanking. I consider pain to be a great teacher. However, I have a nagging question: Do shepherds beat/strike/spank their own... Continue Reading →

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