Family Reading Ideas with Links!

4 04 2013

Manga series from Tyndale:

Devotional Books
Gather Round the Dinner Fable (by Steven James):
Other Books
Dangerous Journey (Pilgrim’s Progress):

6 Ways to Foster Early Language Development

21 01 2012

The following is from Development Through the Lifespan, by Laura E. Berk.

  1. Respond to coos and babbles with speech sounds and words.
  2. Establish joint attention and comment on what child sees.
  3. Play social games, such as pat-a-cake and peekaboo.
  4. Engage toddlers in joint make-believe play.
  5. Engage toddlers in frequent conversations.
  6. Read to toddlers often, engaging them in dialogue about picture books.

Put these into practice and your child will develop their language skills well. They will experiment “with sounds that can later be blended into first words.” They will learn turn-taking for conversation. Their vocabulary will develop faster. They will grow in their conversation ability, develop language earlier and likely enable greater academic success later. Reading “provides exposure to many aspects of language, including vocabulary, grammar, communication skills, and information about written symbols and story structure.”

Theology for Kids | Andy Naselli

1 11 2011






Theology for Kids | Andy Naselli.

Looking for books on theology for your kids?  You may want to start with this list from Andy Naselli.

Blog Monster-Aaron Reynolds

1 03 2011

Blog Monster.

Aaron Reynolds is a children’s author and speaker for creative children’s ministry. Check out his blog (link to it from the picture)! Get his books for the kids in your life or the kid in your soul. You can find them online at Amazon.

Bedtime Idea

9 08 2010

A new ritual we’ve added to our kids bedtime is picking a book. Each night Sonora and Josiah go to their little reading corner and choose one book they want read.

We enjoy seeing which book they pick. Sonora, who is all about princesses even has picked an Iron Man book more than once. Josiah likes trucks.


  • Have a wide variety of books available. Include stories, picture books, animals, Bible stories, sports, novels and whatever interests your kids.
  • Don’t skip reading with your kids. It has profound influence on academic success. Bedtime is a fantastic opportunity for this.
  • Get hand-me-downs from families you know.
  • Get your own book too. Kids occasionally have a hard time going to sleep. You can snuggle with them and still be learning and growing yourself.
  • Again, make sure you have kids Bibles available. Amidst all the influences your child faces, make God’s Word a solid rock foundation for them from the earliest years of life.
  • Reading is a great way to unwind at the end of the day. Kids and you need it. There are so many stresses you face. Find books that restore your soul and your kids’ souls.
  • This is a great way to end everyone’s day peacefully as well! I’d rather that than constant nagging and arguing about getting back into bed.

Have a good sleep!

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