Family Reading Ideas with Links!

Bibles Manga series from Tyndale: The Gospel Story Bible: The Jesus Storybook Bible: The Beginner's Bible: Hands-On Bible (for preschoolers and elementary):; Devotional Books Gather Round the Dinner Fable (by Steven James): Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing: Other Books Videos and stories of famous Christians: Dangerous Journey (Pilgrim's Progress): Chronicles of Narnia:

6 Ways to Foster Early Language Development

The following is from Development Through the Lifespan, by Laura E. Berk.Respond to coos and babbles with speech sounds and words.Establish joint attention and comment on what child sees.Play social games, such as pat-a-cake and peekaboo.Engage toddlers in joint make-believe play.Engage toddlers in frequent conversations.Read to toddlers often, engaging them in dialogue about picture books.Put... Continue Reading →

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