God Talk: Awakening Curiosity

19 04 2016

Dive into any topic far enough and you’ll get overwhelming feelings. Dive into technical discussions about God and your head will spin! Let’s keep this simple. GOD IS GOD and we are not. When talking about God in your family or with the family of God, don’t turn it into a competition of who knows more. Don’t feel inferior for knowing less. Just keep the conversation going. This week, when you’re around a child, ask them what they think God is like. Then, without correcting them or agreeing with them, simply say, “Hmmm.”

Theology is talk about God.

-Rolf A. Jacobson

“If…they ask me, ‘What is his name?’ what shall I say to them?” God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.”

-Exodus 3:13-14

When we come to conversations about God, we do well to maintain a humble posture. Especially with children. When talking about God with children, if we try to act knowledgeable, our words will sail over their heads and they’ll move on to something else. So speak simply. Remain in awe. Admit that you don’t fully understand. Tell them that you’re okay with it.


When talking about God becomes a competition, everyone loses. You lose when you dominate another person’s point of view. You lose when you back away because you think you don’t know enough. I’d rather view this as a quest over a competition.


Just talk. Enjoy the ride. Make statements, but also ask questions. Be an exceptional listener. The simple lead, “Tell me more about that,” invites further dialogue and opens up diverse perspectives. Now I’m not saying that you simply accept whatever opinion is shared. We can disagree, but let’s do it respectfully and with the desire to honour the relationship.


Be continuously curious. I think that’s how God created us to be and so we should be. Get out there and explore. Challenge ideas. Invite wonder. Say, “Hmmmm,” and just linger for a moment. With young children these conversations will be fleeting and quick, but the more you stoke a child’s innate sense of curiosity the better you propel them toward a lifetime of seeking God. Conversely, the more you shut down ideas with your own domineering convictions, the less likely children will grow up with a desire to express their own opinions.

Lord, I want to bask in the wonder of YOU.

Love God: Modelling Worship for Children

5 05 2015

Enough with the big and complicated words to describe God! Don’t get me wrong. We are ever growing into a greater awareness of the “sovereign, omnipotent, omnipresent, transcendent, incarnate, sanctifying God…” Wait, did I just lose you?

Jesus told us to become like children. I take that to mean we continually return to what’s most basic and important and that is a loving relationship with our great and good God.

Next time you’re with a child, show them how you truly love God who is great and good. Perhaps a prayer like this will help:

God is great, God is good, let us thank him for this food.

How do you model worship for the children in your life?

Theology for Kids | Andy Naselli

1 11 2011






Theology for Kids | Andy Naselli.

Looking for books on theology for your kids?  You may want to start with this list from Andy Naselli.

KidzMatter: A Theology of Creativity

6 10 2011

Ever heard someone say, “I’m not creative?” Well here’s a response: “Yes, you are. You just don’t realize it yet!” Spend some time improving your own creativity as you read over this article from Mark Conner in K! Magazine. Here’s my short logic to prove you are creative:

God is Creator, therefore,

God is creative.

People are made in God’s image, therefore,

People are creative.

The question isn’t, “Am I creative?” The question is, “How can I demonstrate my God-given creativity today?” Click the link below to get started!


The Piper-Warren Interview

31 05 2011






The Piper-Warren Interview – Justin Taylor.

Good theological discussion. Being a children’s pastor, my favourite quote is, “If you want to do the kingdom of God, you must care about children’s ministry.”

New Animated Video Series Teaching Theology to Children

18 02 2011

Theo Presents is a new animated series designed to teach theology to children. The artwork is highly professional. The content is sound. The creativity is captivating. View a free video when you click on the link.

Episodes | Theo – Teaching Children God’s Word.

Teaching Theology to Children

15 02 2011

A Baptist Catechism – Desiring God.

Catechism for Young Children.

The two links above will take you to two places you can go to teach children the basic tenets of Christian faith. They contain short questions and answers regarding the essential teachings of Scripture. They are intended to spur on conversation between the teacher and the learner. The catechism from Desiring God also includes Scripture references and helpful comments.

You won’t regret going through this exercise as a family, just with your spouse and even as trivia with your friends. But this is much more than trivia. When embraced whole-heartedly, theology will rock your eternity!

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