Echo: Using Repetition for Greater Impact

22 04 2015

Words matter. Meaningful words echoed remain.

You want your words to last and to leave an impression. As you engage children, take the time to craft key words you want to remain in their hearts and repeat them.


16 12 2014

A cup can only hold so much water. A plate can only hold so much food. A song can only hold so many notes. A story can only hold so many characters. A sports game can only hold so many minutes.

A child can only comprehend so much information. 

New Animated Video Series Teaching Theology to Children

18 02 2011

Theo Presents is a new animated series designed to teach theology to children. The artwork is highly professional. The content is sound. The creativity is captivating. View a free video when you click on the link.

Episodes | Theo – Teaching Children God’s Word.

Teaching Theology to Children

15 02 2011

A Baptist Catechism – Desiring God.

Catechism for Young Children.

The two links above will take you to two places you can go to teach children the basic tenets of Christian faith. They contain short questions and answers regarding the essential teachings of Scripture. They are intended to spur on conversation between the teacher and the learner. The catechism from Desiring God also includes Scripture references and helpful comments.

You won’t regret going through this exercise as a family, just with your spouse and even as trivia with your friends. But this is much more than trivia. When embraced whole-heartedly, theology will rock your eternity!

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