Love God: Modelling Worship for Children

5 05 2015

Enough with the big and complicated words to describe God! Don’t get me wrong. We are ever growing into a greater awareness of the “sovereign, omnipotent, omnipresent, transcendent, incarnate, sanctifying God…” Wait, did I just lose you?

Jesus told us to become like children. I take that to mean we continually return to what’s most basic and important and that is a loving relationship with our great and good God.

Next time you’re with a child, show them how you truly love God who is great and good. Perhaps a prayer like this will help:

God is great, God is good, let us thank him for this food.

How do you model worship for the children in your life?


17 02 2015

I found a mess today. Actually, I seem to find a mess everyday. Sometimes I clean it up, sometimes I avoid it. Sometimes I cause the mess, other times it’s my children. As the messes compound, I find the urge to become a little more irritable, more easily put into a state of frustration. But then I remember love. LOVE. I take my eyes off the problem and focus on my God who is love. When I do, while the messes will still be there, at least the relationship will still be there too.

A Comprehensive Plan for Mentoring Families

7 06 2012

I’m attaching here a project I worked on for my seminary class: Ministering to Families. It is essentially a walk through of a system for mentoring families that promotes relational restoration. The principles are based on the story of the Gospel as the best plan not only for a restored relationship with God, but also restored relationships with each other. It is inspired by my previous post entitled: The Life Rhythm You MUST Groove To.

Click here for the pdf: Gospel Saturated Families Project

Chat Show (Vol.1, Iss.8): Moshi Monsters, “Hi” and Hair

2 10 2010

In this edition of Chat with Pastor Steve, I received a simple “hi,” a comment to grow my hair and a question about an online game called Moshi Monsters. Enjoy! (Leaders and parents, get to know what kids are into to increase your relational connections and satisfaction!)

Comments: Hi. // Hola! Halo! Salud! Bonjour! Konnichiwa! Guten tag!

Grow your hair. B.T. Gr.4. // Ok, see pic.

Question: Do you know what Moshi Monsters are? They are fun. E.B. Gr.4 // Ya! They’re cool. It’s like a pet monster you get to take care of and play games with. Mine is the bigger one on the left.

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