Love God: Modelling Worship for Children

Enough with the big and complicated words to describe God! Don't get me wrong. We are ever growing into a greater awareness of the "sovereign, omnipotent, omnipresent, transcendent, incarnate, sanctifying God..." Wait, did I just lose you? Jesus told us to become like children. I take that to mean we continually return to what's most... Continue Reading →


I found a mess today. Actually, I seem to find a mess everyday. Sometimes I clean it up, sometimes I avoid it. Sometimes I cause the mess, other times it's my children. As the messes compound, I find the urge to become a little more irritable, more easily put into a state of frustration. But... Continue Reading →

Chat Show (Vol.1, Iss.8): Moshi Monsters, “Hi” and Hair

In this edition of Chat with Pastor Steve, I received a simple "hi," a comment to grow my hair and a question about an online game called Moshi Monsters. Enjoy! (Leaders and parents, get to know what kids are into to increase your relational connections and satisfaction!) Comments: Hi. // Hola! Halo! Salud! Bonjour! Konnichiwa!... Continue Reading →

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