The Pursuing Love of God: A Model for Marriage

28 04 2010

My natural tendency is to run from God. God’s constant action is to run to me. I’d rather sin. God would rather deliver me from that destruction. I’d rather avoid God after I’ve done wrong. He wants to come close to forgive. Time and time again throughout Scripture we see God reaching out to people who are unwilling to receive Him:

  • Adam and Eve disobey, cover up and hide. God looks to see if they will confess so He can forgive.
  • Cain does wrong. God warns him that if he’s not careful, his sin will destroy him.
  • All mankind lives completely evil. God gives them many years of warning while Noah builds the ark before the flood.
  • Pharaoh enslaves the Israelites. God shows His great power, but Pharaoh hardens his heart further.
  • Israel rebels. God sends judges to save them…Israel continues to rebel.
  • David commits adultery so God sends Nathan to confront him. Finally, someone who receives God’s love!
  • Israel rebels more. God waits and waits and waits for them to turn back to Him and then sends them into exile.
  • A son takes his father’s inheritance, leaves, becomes ruined. When he returns to his father, his father runs to him in love.

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