[Proverbs as Parables]: Jaqueline the Racoon Loves Trash

Jaqueline the racoon LOVED trash. She loved the sliminess. She loved the smells. She especially loved the sound of metal trash cans when they tipped over and crashed on the concrete driveway scaring away all the rodents.  Photo by Abi Zara on Pexels.com She loved trash like pirates love gold, like princesses love silver and... Continue Reading →

[Proverbs as Parables]: The Jewel

There once was a jewel named Sparkle. Sparkle was lonely. Don’t get me wrong, Sparkle had plenty of companions. It’s just that they were all stashed away in a dusty box. You see, the owner just wasn’t that interested in jewelry. Sparkle, the jewel, was attached to a silver braided necklace. She was covered with... Continue Reading →

“God, I’m So Angry Right Now! (Uhh, is that Okay?)”

I'm not really a poet, but I am very interested in presenting truth in memorable ways. I've appreciated revisiting biblical poetry in the Bible interpretation class I'm currently taking. This skill is helpful when studying the psalms as well as wisdom literature. Understanding the full art of Hebrew poetry is difficult for English translations, but... Continue Reading →

Spanking and Proverbs – Part 2: Interpretations (via Dare to Disciple)

While this is an issue that I continue to debate in my own mind, I believe this entry has significant merit and is worth some study. I respect Dobson and Tripp and their insights on spanking. I consider pain to be a great teacher. However, I have a nagging question: Do shepherds beat/strike/spank their own... Continue Reading →

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