Devotion: Connecting Belief to Life

19 05 2015

Saying you’re devoted to something and being devoted to that thing are vastly different things. Deep down, you know the difference. Deep down, I know the difference. The real question is, “Will we care enough to move from saying we’re devoted to really being devoted?”



11 03 2015

We can wish. We can manipulate. We can modify behaviour.

But we want better than that. We want God. We need God. God is our Creator and Sustainer and Transformer.

Let’s pray for our children.

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Be Prepared

7 10 2014

Real life-change doesn’t happen by accident. Take some time this week to really prepare yourself for your interactions with children. Spend time alone praying “God search my heart and know my thoughts. Read Scripture and consider the age-appropriate words you can use to speak it to children. Get beyond the bare minimum or the accepted norm and really go for it! Our children are worth it.

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Cry of the Orphan-Foster Care Prayer Vigil

8 05 2012

Cry of the Orphan. Take some time to join with others in prayer for children in the foster care system from May 20-27. This link will tell you a little more.

Student Parody Prayer

22 11 2011

Here’s a shout out to all the students out there! (Thanks Frank for sharing this with me.)

Now I lay me down to study,
so I pray I won’t go nutty!
If I should fail to learn this junk,
I pray thee Lord I will not flunk.
But if I do not shed a tear,
just put a rose behind my ear,
then pile my books upon my chest
and perhaps I’ll die before I wake
so that will make one less test to take!


9 Tips for Teaching Kids to Pray

30 03 2011

Prayer is in essence a fancy word for conversation and connection with God. Teaching kids to pray can be tricky, but you can do it.

A few friends and I had a conversation about this not too long ago. We talked about the challenges of it and the frustrations that go along with it. For example, when teaching a young boy to pray at bedtime, what do you do with silliness? Or how do you get an elementary aged girl to open up and actually pray more than a sentence? What do you do when they start rambling? Is it okay to thank God for Ironman? Is it even possible to teach kids to pray? I believe it is even though I also am challenged with it at church as well. I love to see kids pray out loud even when they are tentative!

When I was in driver’s education I had an instructor. One of the things he taught us was to have verbal diarrhea. In other words, talk about everything you see as you’re driving down the road. Be aware of your surroundings. Be alert. This mindset can be helpful with prayer. Sometimes we just need to get the ball rolling. Creation is a great place to start. Go for a walk and have kids thank God for everything they see. Then have them come up with things on their own to thank God for.

Teach kids that the most important connection they have is not you or their friends, but God. Tell them they can talk to Him anywhere, all the time and about anything.

Tips to keep in mind:

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Chat Show (Vol.2, Iss.7): Minecraft, a Monkey, Muddy Waters and More

29 03 2011

Dive into this issue to catch a glimpse of what kids are curious about. There’s a new game called Minecraft, strange names like Muddy Waters, friendship, Peter’s denial of Jesus and more.

Use the arrows to move around in the slide show or press stop to stay a little longer on a particular slide.

Please note, that when I include references to games, movies and other forms of entertainment, I am not necessarily recommending them, but simply creating awareness of what kids are interested in.

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