Don’t Be an Expert

30 09 2014

Faith is too big and complicated of a journey to claim to be an expert. Take the load off!

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Background to the Keep Calm slogan:

Orange Parents

19 01 2011

Orange Parents.

The link above will take you to a site devoted to helping parents and churches collide. Something wonderful (orange) happens when the light (yellow) of the church blends with the love (red) of the family.

I’ve been meeting with a small group of friends to discuss the book Parenting Beyond Your Capacity. It’s a book with this orange concept in mind and we have been having very meaningful talks on topics such as fighting for the heart, imagining the end and creating a Godly rhythm.

We’ve been moved to looking at parenting as more than just a task to keep us sane, but a story to get wrapped up in–God’s story. We are leading our kids on a journey of wonder and discovery. We are leading our kids to a lifelong friendship with God. But we are not doing this alone! We are widening the circle of influence to include strategic relationships outside of the home.

We are not in this alone. This is what church is meant to be.

Our Adoption Journey

7 05 2010

Daph and I recently began rejoicing in the news that she is pregnant with our third child! This news also has some sadness to it because we have been in the adoption thought process for years. It felt as though we were getting really close to making our adoption official.

Then God surprised us! God’s surprises are good surprises. We made our plans, God changed them. When things don’t go as planned, we can trust that God knows best.

The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps. –Proverbs 16:9

Our plan is to adopt. The steps we’re taking to get there is not what we expected. We’re in the middle of this journey now. Our child is due in October. That means in order to adopt we still have to wait another year and half after that. WAIT.

So while we’re waiting, we’re still praying and hurting for orphans around the world. What can we do about their plight? It seems so monumental. Maybe someone reading this will also consider their role for children without families. Consider the video below.

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