How a Child Grows

31 08 2017
People who work with children have the privilege of watching children grow up. Even more, we get to see them form a solid foundation for their lives with Christ. Spiritual formation is a fancy term for becoming more like Christ. Michelle Anthony, author of Family Ministry Essentials, reminds us of this process:
…Holiness is not found in some formulaic package of ingredients. It’s not necessarily defined by what we do or don’t do. Rather, it depends onwhat Christ is doing in us. This was a big “Aha!” moment for me. To see spiritual formation as something I was doing puffed me up and made me feel superior. To see spiritual formation as something Christ was doing in me as I submitted to Him was a game changer.
Recall the apostle Paul’s words in Galatians 4:19: “My dear children, for whom I am again in the pains of childbirth untilChrist is formed in you.”
May you see Christ formed in you and the children you serve!

Epic Fail

12 04 2011

Guess how that happened!

At church in our kids service, we’re focusing on the theme Epic Adventures for the month. It’s all about joining God in the adventure He’s designed for us. Last Sunday we talked about the most epic fail of all time: the original sin. This sin is what prevents us from living in God’s epic adventure. I posed the challenge that holiness is the epic adventure. On the surface, it doesn’t seem very epic or very adventurous. But when we break it down into the great themes of Scripture we find that it truly is.

Consider this: God, this uncreated, all-powerful, all-knowing, everlasting and holy being, speaks and the perfect universe comes into existence. Part of this perfect universe is a teeny little man and a teeny little woman. Both created perfect and with great value. Both designed to live in amazing relationship with their Creator and for thrilling adventures exploring the world He made.

Now consider this: Man, the created, weak and limited little being, takes things into his own hands and rebels against His Maker. Not smart. We could call that an unholy decision. He has now brought death, destruction and pain into his world. Time is running out. He will die and the Earth will be destroyed. All is lost…unless there is a rescue plan.

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Make War!

17 04 2010

At our men’s Boot Camp this past weekend I shared a 6 mimute clip from John Piper. Everytime I listen to it, and it’s been a lot, I’m fired up to push away sin and run to Jesus. One of the biggest problems people face is a simple one: we just don’t care about believing Jesus. We’d rather indulge in sin. I hope this clip helps you to really care. Every decision you make is HUGELY important.

Make War!

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