Be Prepared

7 10 2014

Real life-change doesn’t happen by accident. Take some time this week to really prepare yourself for your interactions with children. Spend time alone praying “God search my heart and know my thoughts. Read Scripture and consider the age-appropriate words you can use to speak it to children. Get beyond the bare minimum or the accepted norm and really go for it! Our children are worth it.

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The Big List of Consequences

9 11 2011

Consequences and discipline are necessary and helpful for any parent who seeks to help their child grow up to be a responsible person who makes great choices. Below is a big list of consequences from for your tool belt. But keep in mind the difference between behaviour modification and Biblical correction. As Godly parents, we don’t want plastic children who comply with our wishes. We want children who’s hearts are transformed by the love and power of God through Jesus Christ. Make that your prayer as you discern how you use consequences to shape your child’s heart.


The Big List of Consequences.


Behaviour Modification or Biblical Correction?

30 07 2011

I’ve been thinking about my use of consequences as I parent and lead children. Consequences are a powerful motivator for making right choices and avoiding the wrong. So they are needed for guiding children.

However, there is a word of caution for relying solely on consequences. Relying on them is merely behaviour modification. This is actually damaging because simply changing behaviour is self-reliant and exterior. As parents who believe in and follow Jesus we know that we cannot save ourselves or grow our character apart from his redeeming and sanctifying work. We are not self-reliant, but Christ-reliant. And the way Christ works is by transforming the heart not putting a vain polish on our appearance.

We reap what we sow. If you plant a fern you will grow a fern. Likewise, if you sow anger you will reap anger. So as parents we can help children recognize the implications of their choices with appropriate consequences.

Tedd and Margy Tripp have written a book called Instructing a Child’s Heart. In it, I came across a quote that provides a solid distinction between the worldly approach to parenting called behaviour modification and the Godly approach they call biblical correction. They write,

“We do not depend on consequences to alter behavior. We want to train the heart of the child. In behavior modification, consequences are the means of shaping or manipulating behavior. In biblical correction and discipline, consequences are a means of demonstrating, in a sensory way, the importance of the spiritual consequences that are accruing in relationship to God, to others and to ourselves.”

Therefore, communication is vital for parenting. We can’t slap down consequences and expect children to turn out right. We have to do the hard work of explaining what Christ wants to accomplish in our hearts. The consequences are a way to help make that conversation happen.


Mark Driscoll | Jesus and Children

27 05 2011

Mars Hill Church | Luke’s Gospel: Investigating the Man Who Is God | Jesus and Children.

I’ve included a link here to some great preaching on how Jesus views children. Pastor Mark Driscoll mentions some good resources at the top and then opens up the Word from Luke 18:15-17.

How do you view children? Are they to be discarded? Are they merely an inconvenience? Are they a joy? Are they a nuisance? Do they have great value? Should they be ignored? Are they less important than what’s on your schedule? Can you embrace and welcome them? Your answers to these questions are critical to your faith and the faith of those little ones looking up to you.

Take a moment to consider your position. Then turn your heart to reflect Jesus’ heart for children.

Chat Show (Vol.2, Iss.3): Pictures, Not Cool, Heaven, Mario Game, God’s Existence and More!

15 02 2011

One of my favourite things is getting inside the mind of a child. Here is a sample from the minds of kids at our church including some of their humourous and serious thoughts. Please click on the pdf file for the show!

Chat Show.Vol.2.Iss.3

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