Transformational Children’s Ministry

11 02 2011


Transformation is a powerful word to me. There is the classic Transformers cartoon where vehicles turn into powerful machines and back again. You see the wonder of a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly. There’s the annual transformation of nature from cold and dead to green and vibrant. Each night and morning God dazzles us with His light shows in the sky.

Then there are personal awakenings. Those moments where life stands still, discoveries are made, ‘whoa factors’ stun us and we are jolted into forging a new path.

Life isn’t normally this way. We don’t often face these high intensity decision points. Life usually happens in those little moments. Change and development takes place slowly. For believers, the question lingers daily: “Am I being transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ?”

The LEDGE (the children’s ministry of Bluewater Baptist Church) is all about leveraging those everyday moments by using high impact moments. Our programming is designed to provide a transforming experience that translates into daily change. We believe that the two go hand in hand; church and home are both necessary for this transformation to occur. What this means is that we want to inspire the children that walk through our doors to consider the magnitude of God all week long in a way that changes everything about them.

The LEDGE strives to equip kids with powerful and transformational moments so that parents will be empowered to engage in meaningful and transformational conversations about Jesus throughout the week.

(Thanks Aaron Reynolds for the ‘whoa factor’ phrase and cementing the transformational principles into our mindset. Click here for my summation of our Aaron Reynolds training event.)


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