World Water Day — Celebrate With Amos Batungura

22 03 2012

World Water Day — Celebrate With Amos Batungura.

Consider your role in easing the suffering of so many (especially children) without clean water…in Jesus’ name.

Quest for Compassion | A free Christian educational game

8 12 2011

Quest for Compassion | A free Christian educational game.

Get your children informed about the poor around the world. Inspire your family to get involved!

Top Five Family Habits

2 12 2011


Wes Stafford, president of Compassion International is a huge advocate for children of all kinds poor or rich. Here are his five habits for families:

1. Make an unbending commitment to the magical moments of bedtime.
2. Arrange leisure time with a view to minimizing absence from kids.
3. Refuse to let media push kids aside.
4. Sponsor a child as a discipleship tool.
5. Establish a weekly family night.

Social Justice (by Daphne)

2 07 2010

When you hear the phrase “social justice” what comes to your mind? Do you picture people handing out clothes and food to the poor? Do you think of picket lines and people yelling with passion? Do you think of governmental agendas or laws and legislation? Do you see the face of Martin Luther King jr., Mother Theresa or___________?

No matter whose face you see or the situation that comes first to mind the reality is in this day and age these words are growing in importance. As our world becomes smaller, through news and internet, not only are we more aware of the needs of people around us but the responsibility to act on these grow. In this post modern world these two “hot-button,” jam packed words are taking almost a revolutionary thrust in the heart of both the general community and the church. This is not by any means new to the heart of our Heavenly Father.

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