Grasping the Invisible

20 01 2015

How do you know someone walked on the beach if you didn’t seem them do it? Check for footprints.

I know it’s difficult to fully grasp an invisible God, but he has left footprints. The mystery is great, but Jesus shows us what God is like.


The Gift of Belonging

23 12 2014

Do you remember what it was like as a child to just want a friend?

Help us to remember when

We were only children hoping for a friend.

-Audio Adrenaline

What a gift it is to know that we belong! Share the love this Christmas.

We’re All Connected

5 11 2014

Appreciate the complexity of life and our own unique influence on it today!

Don’t Be an Expert

30 09 2014

Faith is too big and complicated of a journey to claim to be an expert. Take the load off!

Screenshot 2014-09-24 15.56.29

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