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29 01 2013

A Week at a Time « Orange Parents.

Love it! Fantastic outline of the 936 weeks we have as parents to raise children before they graduate high school. Don’t get overwhelmed though. Break it down and take it one week at a time. Check out the Orange Parents blog.


How Everyday Moms and Dads Influence the Future

22 12 2011

For one of my classes in seminary I wrote a paper inspired by the Biblical passage in Exodus 20:5-6 and repeated in Deuteronomy 5:9-10, which says,

…I the Lord your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing steadfast love to thousands of those who love me and keep my commandments.

I asked myself the question, being a dad of three young children, “How does what I do affect my kids and their future kids down through the generations?” So for all dads and moms, the questions that arise from this passage are extremely urgent. If how I brush my teeth affects future generations, how much more so will the way I treat my wife, work at my job and love my God! And if there is an affect, what kind of affect is it? How severe is it? How lasting? Then also, how important is it that I make very intentional decisions right now about how I live my life and raise my kids, because it will dramatically alter the course of history!? Our sin does have profound penalties on future generations, but do not be crushed by this thought. Rather, relish in the wonderful reward for those who love God: steadfast, unbreaking and forever love in everlasting covenant friendship with God!

If you’re up for it I challenge you to read the research paper I put together in the attached pdf. Doing so may shakeup the course of your life and future family history in incredible ways! While it will require some serious thought, the process will deepen your commitment to God and your family’s future legacy.

The Big List of Consequences

9 11 2011

Consequences and discipline are necessary and helpful for any parent who seeks to help their child grow up to be a responsible person who makes great choices. Below is a big list of consequences from about.com for your tool belt. But keep in mind the difference between behaviour modification and Biblical correction. As Godly parents, we don’t want plastic children who comply with our wishes. We want children who’s hearts are transformed by the love and power of God through Jesus Christ. Make that your prayer as you discern how you use consequences to shape your child’s heart.


The Big List of Consequences.


Disregarding Children Destroys Your Soul

3 08 2011

Disregarding, demeaning or devaluing children destroys your soul. If you don’t believe me, consider Jesus’ encounter with children in Mark 10:13-16.

And they were bringing children to him that he might touch them, and the disciples rebuked them.

Crowds of people were attracted to Jesus. And there was something about him that stirred them to bringing their children to him. Now Jesus was a busy man, and his disciples were protective of their master, not wanting pesky distractions to get in the way of his important work. So naturally, they assumed children couldn’t possibly be on Jesus’ agenda. Wow, were they wrong, or what? Check out Jesus’ response,

But when Jesus saw it, he was indignant and said to them, “Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.

The word indignant is a feeling of intense displeasure toward what is unjust and insulting. Jesus was personally and gravely insulted. Jesus considered this to be a serious injustice not merely an inadequate way of thinking. God is just. Injustice, or sin, deserves punishment or just consequence. To justify is to clear of guilt and to remove the deserved punishment. When Jesus was indignant, he was essentially showing the severity of what happens when people push children away. Those people are at serious risk of missing the kingdom of God-indeed of losing their soul. To be justified, we must have faith like a child. Jesus then goes on and reinforces just how serious he is,

Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” And he took them in his arms and blessed them, laying his hands on them.

To disregard children is to disregard the heart of God. Children are a reminder to freely cling to our Father. Unless we value children as God does, we won’t have the proper understanding that brings us to eternal joy in the family of God as his beloved children.

If that’s not powerful enough, then include orphaned and destitute children into your thinking. The horrors children face each day is despicable. Even worse is the fact that people everywhere turn a blind eye and do nothing to help. Yes, disregarding children destroys your soul.


Have you blessed a child lately?


Mark Driscoll | Jesus and Children

27 05 2011

Mars Hill Church | Luke’s Gospel: Investigating the Man Who Is God | Jesus and Children.

I’ve included a link here to some great preaching on how Jesus views children. Pastor Mark Driscoll mentions some good resources at the top and then opens up the Word from Luke 18:15-17.

How do you view children? Are they to be discarded? Are they merely an inconvenience? Are they a joy? Are they a nuisance? Do they have great value? Should they be ignored? Are they less important than what’s on your schedule? Can you embrace and welcome them? Your answers to these questions are critical to your faith and the faith of those little ones looking up to you.

Take a moment to consider your position. Then turn your heart to reflect Jesus’ heart for children.

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