My post last week on love is an important foundation to provide for children who make many messes. A loving relationship is crucial for any rules or boundaries put in place. Enforcing rules outside the context of deep caring can lead to deep resentment. ¬†But rules, nonetheless, matter and are important to understanding how to... Continue Reading →

Rewards and Consequences

I've been reading Boundaries with Kids by Henry Cloud and John Townsend. This book is packed with great ideas related to how making good choices leads to children who grow up healthy and with great character. I came across a good section on rewards. This affects me not only as a parent, but also as... Continue Reading →

Cloud-Townsend, Leadership, Dating, Marriage, Parenting, Relationships …

Cloud-Townsend, Leadership, Dating, Marriage, Parenting, Relationships .... Get familiar with Henry Cloud and John Townsend for help on many issues including dating, faith, parenting, marriage, leadership and relationships among other things. Their website has some really short and helpful video clips. They've written books like Boundaries, Raising Great Kids, Integrity and many more.

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