The Faith of Jeremy Lin: An Interview – Justin Taylor

11 02 2012

The Faith of Jeremy Lin: An Interview – Justin Taylor. If you haven’t heard about this guy yet, then get acquainted!

Shot after shot, Celtics’ Allen Driven Toward Greatness

8 02 2011


Want to get good at, well, anything? Consider Ray Allen’s approach to excellence in his profession. Who you are when no one sees is more important than who you are when everyone is watching. Character is developed in the shadows and reveals itself in the spotlight. (Click the photo for link).

Coach Carter and Discipline for Parents

2 09 2010

As a young dad, I’m always looking for ways to improve my fathering. Discipline is tough. I want my kids to grow up with mature character. Now, my frame of reference, when I say I want my kids to have mature character, is God’s standards as recorded in Scripture. However, this blog is not about the goal of Christ-like character as much as it is about effective principles for reaching that goal.

The movie, Coach Carter, is a case study in turning around a group of broken teens. Their family units are fractured. Their neighbourhood is disjointed. Their school system is faltering. Coach comes in with a very difficult situation and takes them through rigorous drills to bring them to a sense of respect for themselves, each other and authority.

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Coach Tony Dungy’s Take on Lebron’s Decision

13 07 2010

Click here for Tony Dungy’s blog.

The Team Mentality

8 05 2010

I love watching basketball. When I found this 1970’s NBA playoff clip I immediately thought of ways these concepts can be translated into life, family, church and children’s ministry. See what you can come up with!

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