Get Down: A Simple Action with Profound Implications

The girl ran into the room, met with friends, began to play and the adult was right down there with her. This is the story of great children's ministry volunteers and parents the world over! Teaching children about God's great love doesn't require Disney-esque storytelling prowess. It requires a simple act: get down. Step into their world... Continue Reading →

Express: Creative Communication

The other day, I was talking with my kids about the movie Big Hero 6. In it Hiro and Baymax, his mechanical nurse, have the following interaction: [Hiro and Baymax are inside a creepy abandoned warehouse. Baymax sneaks up behind Hiro.] Baymax: Hiro? Hiro: [Screams] You gave me a heart attack! Baymax: [Rubs his hands together] My hands are... Continue Reading →

Rent to Own: How a Small Shift Brings Greater Results

There is a level of satisfaction when you really own something. I still remember the excitement of the moment when we bought our first home. Renters have a difficulty appreciating what they have unlike owners who take greater pleasure in their possession. Parents take great pleasure in their children. Volunteers working with children have a little more... Continue Reading →

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