Why Families Are Attending Your Church Less Frequently and 6 things you can do to change it ~ RELEVANT CHILDRENS MINISTRY

3 04 2014

Why Families Are Attending Your Church Less Frequently and 6 things you can do to change it ~ RELEVANT CHILDRENS MINISTRY.

I think fewer families are attending church in Canada as well as in the US for similar reasons as listed in the link. The question is, “How important is regular connection to a local church for your family?” And, “Why do you think families are attending with less regularity?”

The “Peace Process”: Teaching Reconciliation in Your Home – Connected Families

18 03 2014

The “Peace Process”: Teaching Reconciliation in Your Home – Connected Families.

This is a fantastic blog on working through conflict with your children. Check it out!

Five Actions for Forming a Strong Family Rhythm

22 01 2014

Below are five simple action steps for each part of the Family Rhythm cycle.


  1. Right relationship: establish core family values. 
  2. Relationship broken: acknowledge realities and eliminate “sap suckers!”
  3. Repercussions: understand life-stage development, then discover and apply relevant and effective training methods.
  4. Repentance: model and expect authentic transformation more than just the flippant, “I’m sorry.” 
  5. Restoration: keep a constant view to your legacy. Will it be one of restored or broken relationships?



Why Letting Kids Argue Can Be a Good Idea – Connected Families

21 01 2014

This is an excellent article for helping people, especially children, work through conflict. I know the anxiety and stress Jim speaks of as my children woke me up this morning with a little spat. This is difficult work, but the extra communication it takes to work it through reaps long-term benefits for the health of family relationships.

Why Letting Kids Argue Can Be a Good Idea – Connected Families.

The Forest of Traps: A Parable

27 12 2013

In the Forest of Traps, a boy named Struggle was wandering. The deeper into the forest he went, the darker it became. The vines were thick. The tree trunks were black. The leaves on the trees were dark, broad and menacing. Wet, oozing moss grew up around just about everything. Sunlight was difficult to find.

From Wikipedia

From Wikipedia

Struggle was following the Path he was told by the Forerunners would lead him to a great light, which also brought freedom from all traps. However, he was beginning to think he believed a lie. Many others were also in the Forest of Traps. Some were stuck in deep moss. Others were wrapped in tough, sticky leaves. Still others were tied up in the vines. Struggle became fearful and wondered how he would ever get out.

The Forerunners who told him about the Path gave him a box named Faithful. As his fear peaked to the highest he had ever felt, he also recalled this box. He wondered why a box would be named Faithful. He pulled it out and admired its simple elegance. The fine wood was encased with ornate gold trim. He opened the box and quickly examined the inside. This box looks nice, but it doesn’t seem very helpful, he thought.

But then, his fear nearly overcoming him, he recalled the words of the Forerunners. They told him that the Forest of Traps can only ensnare those who are careless and ignore the glow of the box.

So he let his gaze linger on the glow. As he did so, the glow grew. The Path he was walking on became more vivid. The vines, moss, trees and leaves near him suddenly looked much less foreboding. Then from the box, golden gleams began to float before him leading him down the Path and away from the clutches of the traps.

He gladly followed the glow until not much longer he found his way out of the Forest of Traps. His joy was great although looking ahead he discovered that the Path only led to another forest. This forest and others after it would desire to trap him, but the more he would recall the deliverance he found from the Forest of Traps and the more he trusted the glow from Faithful, the more his confidence grew stronger for the journey ahead.

No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.

1 Corinthians 10:13

Your propensity for true freedom is directly proportional to your reliance on Faithful.

How has Faithful delivered you?

My guide to the parable:

  • Forest of Traps: temptation
  • Struggle: each of us when we endure
  • Path: our journey of faith
  • Faithful: God, his Spirit filling and guiding us
  • Glow and gleams: intently gazing on the Word of God brings light that leads to freedom
  • Way out: the wisdom that guides us to freedom
  • Forerunners: the church

I would love to know what you think of this parable! Please read it to children and let me know how they respond to it.

Make Memories

19 11 2013

Memories are powerful tools for developing children. Positive emotional experiences where children feel loved and accepted goes along way for them knowing a personal God who loves and accepts them. Conversely, negative emotional experiences where children feel rejected or invaluable may lead to their view of God as being a rejecting or uncaring god. As people who have powerful influence on the lives of children by the emotional experiences we provide, consider how your example shapes their view of God.

Parents, Require Obedience of Your Children – Desiring God

29 10 2013

Parents, Require Obedience of Your Children – Desiring God.

Obedient children leads to joy-filled relationships.


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