Devotion: Connecting Belief to Life

19 05 2015

Saying you’re devoted to something and being devoted to that thing are vastly different things. Deep down, you know the difference. Deep down, I know the difference. The real question is, “Will we care enough to move from saying we’re devoted to really being devoted?”

Encourage: Inflate One Another

12 05 2015

There is nothing more deflating to a soul than consistent negativity. We need courage to face the simple and complicated decisions of the day. An environment and habit of giving courage and hope fills us up for good. Make the adjustments needed to change your deflating habits. Check out the “Try this” below. How do you inflate others in your life?

Love God: Modelling Worship for Children

5 05 2015

Enough with the big and complicated words to describe God! Don’t get me wrong. We are ever growing into a greater awareness of the “sovereign, omnipotent, omnipresent, transcendent, incarnate, sanctifying God…” Wait, did I just lose you?

Jesus told us to become like children. I take that to mean we continually return to what’s most basic and important and that is a loving relationship with our great and good God.

Next time you’re with a child, show them how you truly love God who is great and good. Perhaps a prayer like this will help:

God is great, God is good, let us thank him for this food.

How do you model worship for the children in your life?

Rent to Own: How a Small Shift Brings Greater Results

28 04 2015

There is a level of satisfaction when you really own something. I still remember the excitement of the moment when we bought our first home. Renters have a difficulty appreciating what they have unlike owners who take greater pleasure in their possession. Parents take great pleasure in their children. Volunteers working with children have a little more flexibility here and can take the persona of either a renter or an owner. Which are you?

Echo: Using Repetition for Greater Impact

22 04 2015

Words matter. Meaningful words echoed remain.

You want your words to last and to leave an impression. As you engage children, take the time to craft key words you want to remain in their hearts and repeat them.

Did Jesus Battle Depression? {}

10 04 2015

This link is a helpful perspective for anyone fighting through various degrees of depression.

Did Jesus Battle Depression?.


11 03 2015

We can wish. We can manipulate. We can modify behaviour.

But we want better than that. We want God. We need God. God is our Creator and Sustainer and Transformer.

Let’s pray for our children.

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