11 03 2015

We can wish. We can manipulate. We can modify behaviour.

But we want better than that. We want God. We need God. God is our Creator and Sustainer and Transformer.

Let’s pray for our children.

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Separation Anxiety

3 03 2015

Watching your child become anxious when he is left with “strangers” is difficult for both you and your child. Yet doing so (as described below) matters for helping your child navigate the difficult world filled with anxiety at every turn. God doesn’t want us to be anxious and he wants parents to provide opportunities to trust. Trust you, trust trustworthy caregivers, volunteers, coaches, teachers, etc. and trust him above all. Allow worries to disappear as this trusting relationship with God and his people deepens.


24 02 2015

My post last week on love is an important foundation to provide for children who make many messes. A loving relationship is crucial for any rules or boundaries put in place. Enforcing rules outside the context of deep caring can lead to deep resentment.  But rules, nonetheless, matter and are important to understanding how to best live according to God’s design.


17 02 2015

I found a mess today. Actually, I seem to find a mess everyday. Sometimes I clean it up, sometimes I avoid it. Sometimes I cause the mess, other times it’s my children. As the messes compound, I find the urge to become a little more irritable, more easily put into a state of frustration. But then I remember love. LOVE. I take my eyes off the problem and focus on my God who is love. When I do, while the messes will still be there, at least the relationship will still be there too.


10 02 2015

In relationships, winning can be difficult to identify. In ministry, to me, winning relationships are marked by the presence of Christ. I’m not talking about flashes of light or some awesome supernatural experiences, which on occasion throughout history have happened. I just mean the simple awareness that God is close and making us a little more like Jesus. That gives me hope as I spend time with children.

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27 01 2015

When I was young, I can recall three things I wanted to become:

  1. A rock star
  2. A basketball pro
  3. An astronaut

Today, I can say I’ve accomplished all of those. I rock out musically every Sunday with children. I tear up the court twice a week with buddies. I can count down from ten. You may disagree, but don’t rain on my parade.

What If Jesus Didn’t Have Power Over Evil? (A Short Story)

23 01 2015

One day, Jesus went for an afternoon of sunbathing on his fancy boat. He was so excited to waste the day sipping lemonade, lying around and avoiding people except a couple friends. Of course there’s nothing wrong with resting once in awhile, but…well, you’ll see.

However, he eventually got tired of that so he wanted to stretch his legs. They took the boat ashore. When they got to land a strange man came around and Jesus said to his friends, “You know, I’m not really in the mood to talk to people or help them with their problems so let’s get away from this really weird guy, go back to the boat and get our scuba gear.injured-teddy-bear-cartoon_mku1JM

After they went scuba diving for awhile, Jesus got bored of that and was hoping to buy some dinner. They went back to land and found a restaurant where that strange man was again. This time he was holding a teddy bear and was twisting straws around it. Weird right? He asked Jesus to help him out.

Jesus was really annoyed, but gave the guy a couple dollars to go to the ice cream store across the street so he could send him away.

So he ran and got raspberry bugaboo ice cream, but came right back while Jesus and his disciples were eating lamb stew. SO ANNOYING!

The strange man looked like he could really use some help. You know, a little friendship, some emotional healing, a place to belong. But Jesus just said to him, “Sorry bud, there’s no hope for you! Evil wins this time.” And the man walked away sad.

Thankfully, Jesus does have power over evil and can help us overcome sin and fill the world with goodness!

-a strange twist on Mark 5:1-20


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