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17 10 2014

Parents, children’s ministry volunteers…

Maximize the power of the moment!

Teaching Family Rhythm in Nicaragua

7 10 2014

Nicaragua is known as the land of lakes and volcanoes; pictured is Concepción volcano, as seen from Maderas volcano.

Families everywhere matter to God. Children everywhere do not have a choice where they are born or what family they are born into. Yet God not only loves each one a lot, but also has his hand on them for something special (1 Thessalonians 1:4, MSG). Jesus came to bring us back into right relationship with the Father, which leads us to desire all families around the globe to be brought back into right relationships with each other (2 Corinthians 5:18).

My wife, Daphne, and I are thrilled to travel to Nicaragua from October 21-31. We will be a part of a pastoral training team leading two simultaneous conferences to ministry leaders south of the city of Managua at the Skylark Centre. This centre is a part of Threefold Ministries. One conference is for marriage relationships, while the conference we will teach, called Family Rhythm, is for family relationships.

The Manzanarez family serving as the Skylark Operations Manager and Assistant.

The Manzanarez family serving as the Skylark Operations Manager and Assistant.

Please pray for us in these ways:

  • Clarity of presentation
  • Relevant content and personal connection
  • Transformed leadership and families
  • Personal burdens of attendees lightened
  • Revitalizing experiences for attendees

…there will be a peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained [by godly discipline].
-Hebrews 12:11, NLT

Daphne and I will explore the topic of restoring broken relationships (which we all daily have to deal with) through the motif of a rhythm of the heart. This rhythm keeps the hope of Christ-filled and deeply satisfying relationships in view in order to press on through the real difficulties that families face on a daily basis. (Use link below for more information).

The well-kept grounds of the Skylark Centre.

The well-kept grounds of the Skylark Centre.

Attendees will each receive Jim Jackson’s Discipline that Connects Handbook in Spanish, a powerful tool for helping families connect deeply with each other and with God. We are also giving away some copies of The Jesus Storybook Bible and The Beginner’s Bible in Spanish.

You may wish to donate. Please donate at the Threefold Ministries website (link above, click on the “Donate” tab) with the designation “October 2014 Conference Team.”

The philosophy of Threefold Ministries “has always had as its goal, sustainability. Threefold believes it is absolutely essential that if you are going to help people in a meaningful way you must commit to them for the ‘long haul’.”

May the peace and power of God extend throughout the world as we make disciples in and through our families!

Be Prepared

7 10 2014

Real life-change doesn’t happen by accident. Take some time this week to really prepare yourself for your interactions with children. Spend time alone praying “God search my heart and know my thoughts. Read Scripture and consider the age-appropriate words you can use to speak it to children. Get beyond the bare minimum or the accepted norm and really go for it! Our children are worth it.

Screenshot 2014-10-07 12.06.29

Don’t Be an Expert

30 09 2014

Faith is too big and complicated of a journey to claim to be an expert. Take the load off!

Screenshot 2014-09-24 15.56.29

Background to the Keep Calm slogan:

You Are Not Alone

23 09 2014

Whether you’re a parent or a children’s ministry volunteer, we all need the joy of community.

Howard Pyle's 1921 illustration of a marooned pirate.

Howard Pyle’s 1921 illustration of a marooned pirate.

How to Really Send the Kids Back to School & Out into the World

26 08 2014

Daily life with children soon becomes memories. What will your memories be when you ship your child off on their own?

A good read for sending your children back to school:

A Holy Experience – How to Really Send the Kids Back to School & Out into the World.

The One Story to Tell Your Family

9 05 2014

For me, I get overwhelmed sometimes when there are too many choices. We have a phrase in our culture when we have a question: “Just Google it.”

For wise and discerning people, that can be somewhat helpful. But I need more than a quick tip or a rabbit trail of opinions, I want a guiding principle for my family.

As a husband and a father, I want to have a single pursuit. I want to keep it simple. When there are too many good targets it can be hard to choose which one to shoot for. Let alone all the unhelpful targets that distract.

But when I know there is one great target, then I can train and focus on it and get better and better at hitting it.

That’s what Family Rhythm is: the strong, regular, repeated focus on one target or one story, really.

the story


Here’s the story: Hebrews 1:1-2 says, “Long ago God spoke many times and in many ways to our ancestors through the prophets. And now in these final days, he has spoken to us through his Son.”

All of Scripture, really tells one story and that’s the story of God’s ongoing sacrifice to bring us into a restored relationship with himself through Jesus Christ.

How will you tell this story at many times and in many ways with your family?


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